Friends in the Community

East Side Community Arts is honored to receive grant and in-kind funding from the following foundations, organizations, and businesses:

Leo M. Shortino Foundation

The Shortino Foundation invests in high impact services consistent with its mission “to act as a catalyst to support at-risk youth and their families through education, healthy lifestyles and the arts.” 

Applied Materials

Applied Materials demonstrates its global citizenship in part by strategically investing financial and human resources in the communities where we live and to the world around us.

City of San Jose "take pART" Grant

take pART Grants are awarded to arts and other public benefit organizations to help finance specific arts activities and programs. Arts organizations are usually smaller artist-run groups or community arts organizations where creative participation is the key.

Antipastos by De Rose

Family owned an operated, Antipastos delicatessen generously donates food to our student showcase. 

Peter's Bakery

Local, family-owned bakery specializing in burnt almond cake.